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B5 Systems AR-15 Type 23 P-GRIP

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B5 Systems AR-15 Type 23 P-GRIP
B5 Systems AR-15 Type 23 P-GRIP
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B5 Systems AR-15 Type 23 P-GRIP 

Not a fan of the original A2 style grip? Upgrading your pistol grip on your rifle or pistol is as simple a process as just unscrewing your old grip and screwing in your new grip! If you're looking for a better texture, finger grooves, a rubber overmold, or even a beavertail to fill up your hand. You can certainly find a grip that works for you! The Pistol Grip houses a critical component in the function of your lower receiver, the safety selector spring. This spring applies pressure against your safety selector holding it in place and making the tactile 'click' when switching between safe and fire. Thanks to the interchangeability between AR-15 and AR-10 rifles, the pistol grip for an AR-15 can be used on both DPMS Pattern LR-308 rifles and AR-10 battle rifles.

About this Pistol Grip: The most natural grip for taking a squared-off stance

Your hand will naturally find its optimal position on our Type 23 P-Grip, thanks to its steep angle, extended tang, and palm-filling design. By ensuring proper trigger finger placement, this grip has been shown to improve shooting speed while correcting for any tendency to drift into a "chicken-wing" arm placement. The grip's no-slip texture was carefully engineered for hand comfort.

Material: Polymer - The B5 Systems grip is made out of polymer for reliability, impact resistance, weight savings, and comfort during use.

Texture: Rubber Coated - This grip uses a rubber over-molding to provide extra grip for users in both wet and dry scenarios.

Color / Finish: Black Polymer

Brand: B5 Systems
Material: Polymer
Model: AR-15 Type 23 P-GRIP
Grip Texture: Stippled, Rubber Coated
Beaver Tail: Yes
Integrated Trigger Guard: No
Storage Compartment: No
Color: Black
Palm Rest: No
B5 Systems AR-15 Type 23 P-GRIP

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