I had this girlfriend in college that was super high maintenance.  Fortunately for her, she both came from money and had graduated and landed a really good job.  Unfortunately for me, I was a fulltime student with part-time employment. The semester that we dated was one of the most expensive of my life.  We had a great time, we also did some lame things like go to the ballet (first and last time for me).

One thing that dawned on me after we broke up and observed the negative balance in my bank account, is while dating her I forgot to budget money to live on, you know things like the essentials: rent, gas, food, ammo and range time.  This brings me to building or buying AR's. I have seen guys go too big on their weapon choice that they forget to save some money for the other essential stuff involved in shooting like ammo, optics, range time, buying flowers for their wife, etc.  Therefore they are unable to shoot the new gun they have recently purchased or built.

So to make matters easier on your wallet we are having a special sale on budget builds today.  We have a larger selection than we ever have on uppers less than $155.

***Disclaimer: Budget Build Sale now over


Randy Brown

Date 10/8/2019

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