We have entered the place in time that has often been called the calm before the storm. That moment when everything seems to be at peace before something happens to send you into chaos. 

While you are running around making last minute plans or grabbing those last bits of groceries, we here at Delta Team Tactical wanted to give you a break and offer you some amazing deals to keep you distracted as children run around all hyped up on pie. So, make sure you check out the early Black Friday sales that we have for you guys as well as the other category and product sales that we have.

I wanted to take the opportunity to draw your attention to our HOLIDAY SALE category on the website.  Right now we have already slashed prices on products in that category and more will be added every day.  So keep an eye both on the newsletters and on that category for more great deals to come.  

Quote of the day: "We all have different gifts, so we all have different ways of telling the world who we are." -Mr. Rogers


Noel A Amulong

Date 12/13/2019

Rudolph the red stew reindeer...

Mike Justice

Date 12/18/2019

Tasty Rudolph


Date 12/20/2019

Merry Krampus


Date 12/20/2019

MMMmmm rudolf

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