Everything in life is a choice. From deciding what career you want all the way down to what you want to eat for breakfast. One of the best choices though, is deciding what caliber your next upper from Delta Team Tactical will be. 

We have a sale for you guys that is to good to pass up. We have a sale going on for our fail zero bcg listing below where you get to choose what caliber you want to start your next build around! People tend to say that the build starts when you buy the barrel, but I say it is when you buy the BCG. Check it out below, starting at only $119!

Quote of the day: "Choices are the hinges of destiny." -Edwin Markham



Date 1/24/2020

Hi Karri, I'm trying every which way to find out when you guys will be shipping my order, but no luck. Your website here says 10 to 12 days, but that's wrong because it hasn't shipped yet and it's been 15 days already. It also seems that no one answers the phone there (I've been trying for days) and I no one has responded to my e-mail either. I'm starting to get very worried. Maybe you can look into it and see when they are going to ship it? The oder number is DT-377973. Thanks! -Andrew

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