We were talking about our favorite Christmas traditions here at the office and one of the ones that we talked about was driving around the neighborhood to look at all of the Christmas lights. 

The way they would do it is they would all pile into the car and then go to their favorite spots to see if they did anything new this year. Another co-worker said that their family bundled up in the bed of the truck with some hot chocolate and lots of blankets and drove around the neighborhood that way so that they could swivel their heads around and get a full 360 degree view. Either way, it is super fun to look at all of the bright lights that people like to decorate with and even better to spend the time with your friends and family, no matter how cold it is. 

If you guys want to participate in the giveaway that we have been doing lately, it is not to late! We are giving you guys until Dec. 23rd to enter to win one or more of the amazing prizes that we are giving away this Christmas season.

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