A neighbor who observed some of my DIY projects asked me how I learned how to do these types of projects.  While I cannot point to one single event in my life, in the mosaic of my memories one of the things that stand out is skateboarding.  Now you may be wondering how 7 layers of laminated maple veneer capped in adhesive sandpaper have anything to do with DIY projects? I started skateboarding in 1994, this is the genesis of the second wave of skateboarding, the one that eventually spawned the X-Games.  Well in the mid to late ’90s there were very few skateparks dotting our public parks landscapes. So shopping centers, business complexes, and public parks became makeshift skateparks for skaters.

Well being 12 and living more than 3 miles from the nearest of any of the above-mentioned venues my friends I decided to retrofit one of our backyards into our own private skatepark.  Ben’s house was nominated because he had a full-size basketball court and parents who were home the least. We went to work scavenging wood from construction site scrap piles, pulling pallets out of dumpsters, and using our parents' power tools without permission.  Looking back now with the skills and resources that were available to us from ages 12-15 (pre-driving age) we were able to build a pretty fantastic skateboard landscape. This is one of those influential events that started DIY for me, which ultimately lead me to build AR’s.  

What started you on the road to building custom AR’s?  Comment below.

Quote of the Day: "I believe that people should take pride in what they do, even if it is scorned or misunderstood by the public at large.”-Tony Hawk

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