For this installment of DTT (Delta’s Turkey Tips) I will be addressing the elephant in the room when cooking turkey; to inject or not to inject. If you missed yesterday's installment, click HERE to view it. If you are not familiar with this injecting meat, for a long cooking time, it is a common but highly debated practice. Essentially, you take a syringe and inject meat with liquid that contains additional flavors. Now full disclosure, I am not completely sold on injecting. I have done it before and I didn’t feel like it made the meat noticeably better. In some cases I am absolutely opposed to it. I personally feel injecting is used to compensate for someone’s lack of ability to cook meat correctly.  

I have a neighbor who injects beef stock into his brisket because he said his brisket was too dry and tough and injecting helped make it juicy and more flavorful. If there was ever a time that I exercised great restraint, it was at this moment when he confessed his meat cooking sin to me. Brisket doesn’t need this if done correctly, it is the ultimate smoking meat, and when done correctly it only needs salt and pepper. He then told me how he cooks his brisket, and he was cooking it way too high of temp, and not cooking it nearly long enough, so he compensated by injecting beef stock into the brisket. This is like putting on cologne to cover up the smoke smell when you told your wife you have stopped smoking.  

However, when you are dealing with white meat like pork and poultry, they are a bit more bland compared to beef, so adding additional flavors to them is not wrong. So, the easiest way to do this is don’t throw out your brine when you pull your bird out to cook and instead use it to fill up a syringe and inject your turkey with your brine solution. Now you can work up another solution and inject that into your bird as well. I was just being convenient, but the whole point is to add additional flavor to the turkey, so add whatever you like. This year I am cooking two turkeys as we have a large group, so one turkey I will inject and one i won’t and I will let you know my results from my A/B test on injecting.

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