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Delta Deals AR Assembly Tools

Part Number: CO-20255
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Delta Deals AR Assembly Tools
Delta Deals AR Assembly Tools
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Delta Deals AR Assembly Tools

Elite Tool Series AR-15 Enhanced Armorer's Wrench

Finally an Armorer's Wrench with everything that you need. This unique tool combines all of the necessary tools to eliminate the need of owning multiple wrench types. Use it for all of your assembly and all of their variants. 

The wrench allows the installation/removal of barrel nuts, muzzle devices and buttstocks. Made of powder-coated steel, the wrench's long-lasting durability can be counted on. 

- Easy removal and upgrade of flash hider or muzzle break 
- Barrel nut wrench: Easy disassembly and installation of barrels and free float tubes/handguards 
- Screw driver tip: Buttstock/buffer tube removal 
- Flat head tip screw driver for A2 butt stock 
- Hole wall hanging 
- Made of Heavy Duty Steel with a durable 4140 powder coat finish 
- 8-in-1 AR-15 armorer wrench has 8 must-have tools in one 
- Quick removal and replacement of buffer tubes and stocks 
- 1/2 square opening for torque bar 

Deluxe Gunsmith Rifle & Pistol Gunsmith
 Carry Case Compact Black Tool Kit

We Have put together a variety of tools to suffice your tech needs on the go. The included carrying case assists in organizing the tools and bringing the kit out there on the field. You won't regret adding the Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit to your collection of equipment for working on your Guns. This is the perfect tool kit when traveling to events or out shooting and a gun goes down. How many times did you wish you had that tool while out shooting well now you can.  Everything is right there in a convenient bag for an easy fix. These are Nothing To Crazy Expensive But The Quality Is Decent Plus They Are Actually The Right Tools For Working On Guns Right Punch Sizes & A Real Armors Block Made Of Nylon Like It Should Be.  A Brass & No Mar Soft End Hammer And Every Bit To Fit Almost Every Allen Star And Correct Taper Slot Head Bits For Almost Every Gun Screw Made. 

Lifetime Warranted Thru Nc/star
Best Warranty In The Firearm Business 
No Question

Tool Kit Contents:
• Mallet with Nylon & Brass ends - 11"L
• Screw Driver Handle with ¼" Hex Drive - 7.4”L
• Needle Nose Plier - 4.5"L
• Triangle Mill file - 7.7"L
• Gunsmith Bench Block - 4" Dia. Nylon
• Jewelers’ Screw Drivers Set - 6 pcs: Phillips - #0, #1, Flat
• Steel Punch Set ? 8 pcs: Roll Pin Drift Punch - 3/32", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" , Drift Punch - 3/32", 1/8", 3/16", Center Punch - 4.8"L
• Brass Punch Set - 5 pcs: Brass Drift Punch - 1/8", 5/32", 7/32", 1/4", 5/16"
• Polymer Punch Set - 2 pcs: Polymer Drift Punch - 7/32", 5/16"
• ¼" Screw Bit Set - 30 pcs: Flat Blade(mm): 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 6, 7
• Phillips: PH0, PH1, PH2, PH3, PZ0, PZ1, PZ2, PZ3
• Hex: H3, H4, H5, H6
• Torx: T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40
• ¼" Hex Bit to ¼" Socket Adapter
• Square: S1, S2, S3
• Safety Glasses - Clear Lens
• Soft carry Case - Black (11.5" T x 15.5" W x 3.25" D)
• Weight: 68 oz.

Real Avid Master Bench Block

The most comprehensive AR-15 bench block ever allows you to tap 13 critical pins from 5 different components. The block is wrapped in an over-molding that grips to your bench to prevent slippage. Plus, engraved on the ultra-tough engineering grade surface are clear component labels marked with pin punch sizes to make determining what component to place where and what pins to use, simple. On the backside of the block, to capture pins and keep them from rolling away, are embedded magnets and, to keep your pins from getting lost, a pin storage section is included.

5 1/4 x 7 1/2 inches
Work Surface Made from Ultra-Tough Engineering Resin
Rubberized Non-Slip Outer Surface
Four Strong Magnets Under the Block
Bolt (Horizontal) 1/16” and 3/32” Pins
Bolt (Vertical)
Gas Block (2) 1/8” and 5/64” Pins
Upper Receiver
Forward Assist 3/32” Pin
Charging Handle 5/64” Pin
Trigger Guard 1/8” Pin
Pin Storage
Trigger Guard 1/8” Pin
Lower Receiver (Horizontal)
Ejector Pusher
Trigger Assembly (2) 5/32” Pins

NcStar Upper Receiver Block for AR-15

Upper receiver block is designed to fits AR15/M4 receivers to help with assembly and general maintenance of AR receivers.

The modular upper receiver block can be used in several ways for many different maintenance tasks
You may use just the lower half of the block by attaching it quickly to the upper receiver with the two provided receiver pins
This allows you to clamp the AR upper receiver to a vise for maintenance work
Bolting the two halves of the upper receiver block fully supports the upper receiver to prevent damage from torque twisting forces when installing or removing barrels from the receiver
The upper half of the block inserts into the receiver just like a bolt carrier group
The bottom half of the block can be bolted together with the upper half with the provided steel bolts
This fully supports the inside and the bottom of the receiver and it also leaves the receiver optics rail open for mounting accessories and optics
Unlike other upper receiver blocks that bolt/clamp to the exterior of the AR receiver
The upper receiver block also has a hole through the length of the block to act as a bore brush guide for cleaning out the bore of the barrel
Constructed with blue anodized Aluminum.

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Delta Deals AR Assembly Tools

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