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Delta Deals Spikes Tactical LPK Minus FCG + Hiperfire Hipertouch Reflex, AR-15/10 Trigger Assembly with Anti-Walk Pins

Part Number: CO-82882
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Delta Deals Spikes Tactical LPK Minus FCG + Hiperfire Hipertouch Reflex, AR-15/10 Trigger Assembly with Anti-Walk Pins
Delta Deals Spikes Tactical LPK Minus FCG + Hiperfire Hipertouch Reflex, AR-15/10 Trigger Assembly with Anti-Walk Pins
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Delta Deals Spikes Tactical LPK Minus FCG 
Hiperfire Hipertouch Reflex, AR-15/10 Trigger Assembly with Anti-Walk Pins

Spikes Tactical LPK Minus FCG

General Info: Lower Parts Kits include all of the small bits & pieces needed to make your AR-15 Lower fully functional. Such as the mag release, take-down pins, selector, trigger guard, bolt catch, buffer retainer, roll-pins, detents, and small springs are included to allow completion. This Spike's Tactical Lower Parts Kit contains all of the necessary pieces needed to complete your build EXCEPT the trigger and components that go along with them.

Brand: The Spike's Tactical kit is produced by Spike's Tactical with high-quality steel & brass components.

Brand Info: Our mission is simple, we strive to build the highest quality products and offer them at the best possible price to the consumer. It doesn't matter if you are simply a gun enthusiast, a competitive 3 gun shooter, or a military or law enforcement professional, our rifles will serve you well and wonít let you down when it counts and we guarantee it.

We use only the highest quality American-made materials, you will never find inferior imported materials in our rifles, we just won't allow it. We are shooters, just like most of you and we won't sell anything that we, ourselves, wouldn't trust our lives on. Cutting corners is not allowed in our shop and attention to detail is never to be neglected. It is our rule that quality control is everyone's responsibility, from the guy who unloads materials off the delivery truck, to the armorers who build the rifles, to the person who boxes up the product before it is sent to the customer, every member of our staff is responsible for QC and inspections are conducted at every level of production.

We have a good time doing what we do, it is our passion and we appreciate each and every customer.

Platform: Commercial AR-15

FCG Included: The Spike's Tactical kit does NOT come with a hammer, hammer spring, trigger, trigger spring, disconnector, disconnector spring, or hammer & trigger pins. This kit is for completing your AR-15 lower and allowing an affordable parts kit in the case you already have drop-in triggers on-hand and ready to install.

Grip: The Spike's Tactical lower parts kit includes a Pro Grip and grip screw to complete your AR-15 lower receiver.

Weight: The overall weight of the Spike's Tactical Kit is 5 oz.

Safety selector
Safety selector detent
Safety selector spring
Bolt catch
Bolt catch plunger
Bolt catch roll pin
Bolt catch spring
Magazine catch
Billet magazine catch button
Magazine catch spring

Brand: Spike's Tactical
Model: Lower Parts Kit - Without Fire Control Group
Platform: AR-15
Includes Fire Control Group: No
Includes Grip: Yes
Grip Model/Style: Spike's Pro Grip
Grip Color: Black
Full Auto Compatible: No
Restricted States: Yes
Weight: 5 oz

Hiperfire Hipertouch Reflex, AR-15/10 Trigger Assembly with Anti-Walk Pins

The Hipertouch Reflex fire-control drop-in is a high performance, high precision, service rifle upgrade that installs in AR-15 and AR-10 type rifles. 

This trigger we call the value trigger where you get Hiperfires best trigger pull available yet it's the cheaper model where it has the exact same internals as the 24C or competition trigger but with a standard curved style trigger face giving you the exact same pull but less money.

A must have for .22 LR, AR-15 & 7.62x39 LR-308 owners giving you the absolute best in an AR-15 Or LR-308 trigger pull. With 2.5 lbs it hits the primer 2X harder than standard Mil-Spec triggers. Making your rifle even more reliable where the largest drawback to "Drop In Triggers" is they have reduced hammer power causing at times the rifle to misfire, but not with the Hiperfire Reflex if that round can fire it will fire!

Everyman's AR Trigger
Virtually No Take-Up/Pre-Travel
Similar to the Competition except with Curved Trigger Bow
Very Smooth
Semi-Auto Single-Stage
Curved Trigger with a Backbone
Crisp, Clean, Trigger Break
Very Short Over-Travel
Very, Positive Reset You Can Feel and Hear
Cam-Over Toggle Engine
Very Hard Hitting Hammer
Soft-Start Lock-Up for Pre-Ignition Stability
You-Adjust Pull Weights of 2.5 and 3.5 lbs.

Note: Formerly Hipertouch 243G

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