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ELD Performance AR-15 4.5", .45ACP, .578x28, Medium profile, 1-16T, 4150 CrMoV, Nitride Barrel

Part Number: B45ACP-4.5-16453
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ELD Performance AR-15 4.5
ELD Performance AR-15 4.5', .45ACP, .578x28, Medium profile, 1-16T, 4150 CrMoV, Nitride Barrel
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ELD Performance AR-15 4.5", .45ACP, .578x28, Medium profile, 1-16T, 4150 CrMoV, Nitride Barrel

General Barrel Info: The Barrel on an AR-15 pistol operates through a 'gas impingement' system, where gas is tapped from off from the barrel and cycle back through a connected gas system, to help the bolt carrier in unlocking, and extracting a spent cartridge. Pistol length AR-15 barrels come in two gas lengths, Pistol, Carbine, & Mid-Length. AR-15 Pistol barrels can be chambered in a variety of different calibers, spanning from rifle to pistol cartridges. Thanks to the modularity of the AR-15 platform, your next pistol will be incredibly easy.

About This Barrel: The Barrel is made by ELD Performance it is 4.5" long, and is machined from 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium and finished in a nitride appearance. Chambered for .45 ACP, using a medium profile design, this barrel will fit your next AR-15 build perfectly.

About the Profile: Medium - Medium Profile barrels are designed to have an even weight distributed from the beginning to the end of the barrel, this results in a rather tubular looking appearance but with identical rigidity and properties to a government profile barrel.

Barrel Classification: Pistol

Length: This Barrel is designated as a pistol length barrel with an overall length of 4.5".

Caliber: .45ACP - This barrel is chambered for .45ACP, a low velocity, high mass, hard hitting pistol cartridge, most popular with 1911, adapted for the AR-15 Platform.

Material: 4150 CrMoV - Chrome-Moly Vanadium, or simply "CMV", is the official mil-spec gun steel developed by Colt Firearms for the military-issued M16 and M4. It contains the same elements as 4150 steel. It also contains Vanadium. Vanadium significantly increases the strength, hardness, and high-temperature stability of the steel.

Finish: Nitride - Nitriding is a process during manufacturing that diffuses nitrogen into the steel to make a case-hardened surface for improved resistance and strength. A Nitrided barrel typically have a gloss black texture.

Thread Pitch: .578x28 - Common threading for barrels chambered in .45ACP

Brand: ELD Performance
Model: AR-15 4.5", .45ACP, .578x28, Medium profile, 1-16T, 4150 CrMoV, Nitride Barrel
Platform: AR-15
Classification: Pistol
Caliber: .45 ACP
Length: 4.5
Handguard Compatability: Freefloat
Profile: Medium
Twist Rate: 1:16
Finish: Nitride
Material: 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium
Thread Pitch: .578x28

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