One of the best shows of all time, in my opinion, is Home Improvement.  This show featured male bravado’s poster boy Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, played by Tim Allen (that’s the voice of Buzz Lightyear for the millennials reading this).  Tim hosts a show called Tool Time where they go extremely overboard on tool related projects, insisting on “more power.”  

Something that Tim and I have in common is a love for tools.  Tools are used to both fix and build things, ultimately making the world a better place.  Maybe that is why so many politicians are tools (pun intended).  As I have mentioned before we have been working hard re-categorizing the website and trying to improve overall customer experience by improving navigation, one of these completed categories is the Tool category.  

Well in the spirit of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor we are having a sale on tools because we are proud of our new tool category.  Simply click on the Home Improvement inspired graphic down below to browse those tools.  

Quote of the Day: “If you didn’t build it, then it’s not really yours”-Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor

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