Life can be frustrating. Things don't go the way you planned, or they do and it was not the outcome that you expected. If you throw children into the mix, I have been told that it makes life that much more aggravating. 

Instead of losing your temper or breaking your little stress relief doll, we here at DTT have come up with some ways to help life go a little more right. One of the ways that was brought up was, of course, going shooting with a friend. Being around someone who calms you down has a really big effect on how you handle anger in the future. Another way is to talk a little walk. Getting away from the situation and giving yourself a chance to cool down is a great way to keep from exploding. Last but not least, my personal favorite, is to either eat or sleep or do both! Sometimes we get what we call 'hangry' which is when human's emotions are heightened because we are hungry. Lack of sleep can also shorten one's fuse. So, next time you need to chill out, go for a walk or hang with a friend and check out the deals that we here at Delta have planned for you for your next day at the range. 

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Quote of the day: “Be patient and calm; no one can catch a fish with anger.” -President Hoover

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