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Magpul Sling Your Choice

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Magpul Sling Your Choice

Select either Magpul RLS Sling-Black or Magpul MS4 Dual QD Sling Gen 2-Black

About RLS Sling

Product Details
Building on the heritage and proven performance of Magpul’s MS Sling
series, the Magpul RLS (Rifleman Loop Sling) is a durable, lightweight,
and affordable shooting aid and retention device. Combining the best
features of Rhodesian and 1907 match-style slings, the RLS was created
with Magpul’s famous proprietary nylon mesh webbing and high-strength
polymer hardware.
As a Standard Weapon Sling
In a retention role, the RLS serves dutifully as an unobtrusive weapon
sling and retention device, securely keeping the rifle tucked behind the
As a Stabilized Shooting Aid
When called upon, the RLS is rapidly employed with the adjustable
forward loop gripping the rifleman’s support arm, locking in a steady
shooting position and firmly planting the rifle butt against the shoulder.
The Webbing
At the core of the RLS lies Magpul’s proprietary chafe-resistant 1 ¼” nylon
mesh webbing. Its tubular construction eliminates harsh edges that can
rub or snag and provides double layers of cushioned comfort against the
end user while shouldered. During employment, the strap’s smooth
texture remains comfortable, even when torqued against the user’s arm.
Like all Magpul slings, colored webbing is NIR treated to reduce infrared
The Hardware
The Magpul RLS features lightweight reinforced high-strength injection-
molded polymer hardware, and a proprietary sling keeper that leaves no
tails or loose straps, eliminating snag hazards and distractions.
Lightweight and Durable
The Magpul RLS was designed with mobility in mind. At a mere 4.4 oz,
the optimized weight of the RLS doesn’t add unnecessary ounces to the
rifle and weighs less than many competing slings and straps. Like all
Magpul slings, the RLS has been extensively tested to its limit to ensure
reliability and performance in wet, dry, and sandy conditions, to include
load and drop testing. It’s been hiked with, biked with, swam, climbed,
hunted and shot (a lot) with in a variety of field conditions.
The American-made Magpul RLS combines legendary Magpul innovation,
quality, and design into a simple and effective shooting aid for less money
than many slings that merely carry a rifle.

About MS4 Dual QD Sling

Product Details
Filling the same mission requirement as the standard MS3 Sling, the MS4
can quickly switch between one-point and two-point configuration. The
MS4 maintains material construction and specifications identical to that of
the standard MS3, but instead of Magpul Paraclips it features two
heavy-duty push-button QD Sling Swivels along with a custom steel
connection ring to allow one to two-point convertibility. This modification
allows compatibility with QD sling cups commonly found on lower
receivers, receiver end plates, buttstocks, and many low-profile forward
QD Sling Mounts.
The MS4 Dual QD GEN2 incorporates a new low profile quick-adjust
Slider which minimizes bulk and allows for secure, yet effortless, sling
adjustment. Webbing length has also been increased for a comfortable fit
with all body types and armor configurations.
Made in U.S.A. and 100% Berry Amendment compliant.
 Heavy-duty push-button Quick Disconnect Sling Swivels for both one and two-point attachment
 Compatible with buttstocks, end plates, receivers, and hand guards that have a push-button QD socket
 Durable, precision-cast steel QD D-Ring allows for quick transition from one to two-point mode and is finished with Melonite for extreme resistance to wear and corrosion
Custom 1.25-inch-wide nylon webbing material is strong and wear resistant while remaining anti-chaff for user comfort
Low-profile adjustment Slider for adding or removing sling tension in two-point mode with a single-hand
Colored webbing has Near Infrared (NIR) treatment to reduce IR signature

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