Today is National Splurge Day. Being defined as indulging oneself in some luxury, especially a costly one. This got me thinking about how many different things there are to splurge on in life. There is nothing wrong with splurging, as long as it is kept in check by your wallet or your significant other.

I asked around and found that the most common thing to splurge on is definitely food. From sushi to steak, food is always something people use, so why not treat yourself from time to time? Another thing people said was ammo. It seems that when you go shopping, even window shopping, for gun stuff like holsters or magazines or even a new gun itself, people always like to stop by the ammo area to pick up a few boxes.

So, since today is splurge day here at Delta Team Tactical, why not binge a little bit as you check out our amazing sales.

Quote of the day, “Group projects help me understand why Batman works alone.”-Unknown

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