One tradition for Christmas Eve that personally sounds really good is one where you eat non-traditional foods. For instance, one of my co-workers and his family eats tacos every Christmas Eve. Another friend of mine eats breakfast food.

Another part of that is that my family always gets together the night after Christmas and eats chili and french fries that we make from scratch. So, whatever you guys decide to munch on while you browse through our wares, we here at DTT hope it is delicious and filling.

If you guys want to participate in the giveaway that we have been doing lately, it is not to late! We are giving you guys until Dec. 23rd to enter to win one or more of the amazing prizes that we are giving away this Christmas season.

To view the entire poem click HERE and to view the rules and guidelines click HERE. Click HERE for a link to our Facebook page and HERE for our Instagram page.

I wanted to take the opportunity to draw your attention to our HOLIDAY SALE category on the website.  Right now we have already slashed prices on products in that category and more will be added every day. So keep an eye both on the newsletters and on that category for more great deals to come.

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