It is officially the first day of the spooky season! This is by far my favorite season because the weather is nice and cool, bugs go back to where they belong, you can eat lots of candy for no reason, spooky movie marathons and so much more. The only thing that could be not liked is that it means that there is snow coming (unless you live in places where you don't normally get snow, congrats to you).

This is also a great season because it is the month of Halloween! The only acceptable night that you can go knock on people's doors and demand candy without getting into trouble. I find it fun to go to a popular trick-or-treating area and just watch people in their many different costumes walk around. It is fun to see how creative people can be. So, grab your hot chocolate and enjoy because the spooky season is just getting started!

Quote of the day: "Seeing a spider in my room isn't scary. It gets scary when it disappears." -Unknown


jim rhoads

Date 12/13/2019

I enjoy all of your stories

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