I was watching a show with my young niece the other day and a thought struck me that I wanted to share with you guys. They were searching for buried treasure on an island and when they found it, the treasure was the usual shiny gold and jewels and what not. I thought to myself, man those kids look as happy as I do when I get packages delivered to me. 

It then hit me that when we grew up, our treasure chests grew up with us. Instead of digging up your mother's garden searching for hidden treasure, you eagerly wait for your treasure to be delivered to your front porch! So when you get an order from Delta and it is full of goodies, it is like you are personally designing your own treasure and then when it gets delivered to you, you have your own treasure chest to open! So, grab some treasure below and wait for your very own pirate moment of opening the box and collecting your prize. No digging required.

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