A coworker and I were chatting about the ripple effect and how something that seems so small can change things in the future as the ripple just gets bigger and bigger. For instance, way back in 1930, the very first Mickey Mouse comic strip was published. Over the next 90 years, just that one character would grow to become one of the most well known faces and voices in history.

While I have no doubt that Disney had great aspirations for that mouse, I don't think he realized just how much of an effect he would have. My coworker told me that that was the whole point of the ripple effect. That any choice that we make now will have unforeseen consequences, both good and bad. So, why not start a ripple by purchasing the next rifle in your collection or even starting with your very first one. Who knows where it may lead, but at least you will have fun pursuing it. 

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Quote of the day: "Every expert was once beginner." -Helen Hayes

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