We were talking about trains the other day in the office and we were trying to figure out if a train would be able to run if a part was missing, like a wheel or even a tiny pin. We never found out the answer, however we did talk a lot about how if you are missing one part of a machine, it affects how the other parts do their jobs.

We here at Delta don't want our customers searching high and low trying to find all the little parts that make an AR complete, which is why we have designed kits for just about everything. From finishing your rifle build kit to finishing your lower build kit. Sometimes, we want to make it even easier and do everything minus a lower receiver kit much like the new one below for $329. Make sure to check out all the kits before they sell out.

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Neil Tillett

Date 2/6/2020

That is exactly how I feel. Small parts make a difference. At the end of December I ordered an upper kit. It came in while I was on vacation. When I returned home I was excited to find that I had a package from DTT at the shop. A few days later, I unpacked it and started to assemble my new 300 Blackout pistol upper. Well guess what? Without a barrel nut and the small hardware (screws and such) that was part of the 7” mloc fore end, there is no way to assemble it. I have sent DTT several emails and I have called several times to discuss this and have had no response to the emails and the calls get put on hold until they time out and drop. My impressions of this is DTT does a great job 99% of the time but when you are a victim of that 1%, missing small parts really ruins the deal! I hope someone at DTT monitors this and contacts me. Like I said, 99% Cherry Pie. 1% moldy leftover Carrot Cake! Who likes stale carrot cake??!!

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