At SHOT Show this year we had our sights set (pun intended) on picking up some specific brands and types of products.  One of those types of products was optics (hence the pun) and one of those brands was Swampfox.  Here at DTT we have prided ourselves on picking out products that pack incredible value for our customers.  We also understand that people are on a budget and also have a variety of other hobbies that also eat up funds.  

Swampfox is a brand that hits value and quality.  While it may be a higher-priced tier than some of the other optics we carry these are of INCREDIBLE quality and for the price pack and amazing value.  So while they had our interests peaked, we also harbored a healthy sense of skepticism.  So we had some of our friends who are “glass snobs” some that had even worked for some of the behemoth optics manufacturers to come and check out the products before we put together a purchase.  

They were blown away at the quality of the product and when they learned what they are selling them for they all agreed Swampfox will be a brand that will eat into the market share of some of these larger optics companies.  So we couldn’t be happier to have them on the site, and the people that work there are of equal quality to their products.

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Quote of the day: "A plan is only as good as those who see it through." -Unknown

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