A few years ago a buddy of mine wrote an article for a wakeboarding magazine titled “Don’t Be That Guy.”  If you are unfamiliar with wakeboarding, picture waterskiing standing sideways. The premise of the article was don’t be the guy that is too cool for school on the dock and hassling other riders because they don’t have the newest board, lifejacket, or the right pair of board shorts. 

The whole purpose of the sport is to have fun, and if you have a new or newer rider that can have a negative impact on them staying with the sport or not in the future.  While the article was full of satire, and largely made fun of the guys who are “that guy,” it was an article that left an impression on me, asking myself am I ever “that guy?”  

Quote of the day: “A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition.”-Rudyard Kipling

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