A friend and I were out shooting the other day and we decided to test which sight worked best for different distances of shooting. We had everything from no sights to iron sights to red dot and a scope. We found out that both of us are real bad shots with no sights on our uppers. Like, missed the target completely at only 50 feet. Iron sights came in handy for targets a little farther out, but we learned that red dots worked best for both of us at any distance. The scope was to hard to look through accurately since we both wear glasses and it kept hitting them. 

The reason for this little story is to encourage you guys to try out different things on your uppers and to just have responsible fun with your friends. So take your new upper from Delta out for some fun and make sure to check out our sights category while you are getting your brand new upper.

This is the first product we picked up at SHOT Show 2020 to come in and we are pretty geeked out on it.  Introducing the Lighting Tap “SPSR” (Short Pull Short Reset) Glock Trigger by Alpha One.  So to celebrate we have it at a special introductory price and we decided to throw a special sale on the whole category.  So use the code: glockparts5 to save an additional 5% on all the parts in this category.  

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