A common question that I have come across quite a bit is what is the twist rate in a barrel? what twist rate works with what grains the best?

What is a twist rate and why is it important? A twist rate on a barrel determines how many inches it takes the bullet to make one full rotation before it exits the barrel. As an example, if you have a barrel with a 1-9 twist rate, then the bullet makes one full rotation every 9 inches of your barrel. Why should I care about what twist rate I get? Well, different weights of bullets perform differently depending on what your twist rate it. You want a lower twist rate for the heavier bullet and vice versa.

What twist rate is best for my ammo? I found this helpful list to assist you in such a decision; 40-grain ammo is best for a 1:12, 55-grain ammo is best for a 1-9 twist barrel. 1-7 or 1-8 have the best results with 62-grain and 77-grain ammo. Last but not least, 1-7 is best for 80-grain ammo. Keep this in mind as you shop our wonderful deals at Delta Team Tactical.

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