I’m not going to lie, I am pretty cheap.  Meaning I like nice things, but I don’t always have to have the nicest and the best of all the things.  Being that I have quite a few hobbies I buy cheap products that just need to be good enough so I can spend money on the gear I am passionate about.  I was that way with shooting glasses.  I would buy the super cheap safety glasses from the big box stores, usually buy a few pair because if you have ever bought them you know they break.  

Well, a friend of mine who I did a large favor for worked for a sunglasses mfg, and to thank me for the favor he hooked me up with a pair of really nice shooting glasses.  I both love and hate him for it.  Love him in the sense that they are amazing, super comfortable, look good, great lenses, and I still have them 7 years later.  Hate him in the fact I was totally content with my bargain basement glasses, and now nicer shooting glasses have moved from my “Good Enough” gear list to my “Nice Gear” list.  

This leads me to the shameless product plug and that is a new brand we just picked up Wiley X.  These glasses are awesome and true to DTT fashion are an incredible bargain for what they offer.  These are glasses that will last years, so they are defiantly worth the investment, think about it, is there anything more important than protecting your eyesight?  Trust me investing in a nicer pair of shooting glasses is a safe investment and one that will yield a positive ROI.

Quote of the day: "Fail with honor rather than succeed by fraud." -Unknown

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