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ELF-15 'Santa Claus' Custom Engraved Stripped Lower Receiver - Black

Part Number: S-LR-72682
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ELF-15 'Santa Claus' Custom Engraved  Stripped Lower Receiver - Black
ELF-15 'Santa Claus' Custom Engraved Stripped Lower Receiver - Black
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ELF-15 'Santa Claus' Custom Engraved  Stripped Lower Receiver - Black

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

Santa and his elves have been hard at work to create a great new AR-15 lower for you to use, build or give this Christmas season!

These are produced by Santa's Gun Shop here in Orem, Utah and made available in only limited numbers! They have a serial number of CLAUS-(number) and are a model ELF-15

These lowers are made for Santa's Gun Shop using only the best US made forgings available. So many domestic AR manufacturers are now using foreign sourced forgings that often have soft spots in them, but these are made of the best 7076 T6 in the world, right from the USA. The foreign sourced forgings still allow the final product to be 'Made in the USA' but there is a quality difference. Combined with a Hard-Coat Anodized Mil 8625 Type 3 Class 2 - Matte Black finish and the extra features such as a screw for the bolt stop and a screw to hold the detent spring as well as the tension adjustment screw for the upper/lower fit and you have a really top class product! The pictures are a little lighter than the actual jet black finish to allow for better viewing of the markings and will match the color on a quality upper.

Our lowers are GREAT to assemble! Most of each production run is taken by gunsmiths for the builds they are doing for their customers, and have become the preferred lower for a number of gunsmiths and dealers. Build one of these up and you will understand why! There is a VERY limited number available!

Uppers and lowers will fit together as tight as you would like, with the built in nylon tipped upper receiver tensioning spring that will let you control the fit. You simply hold the upper and lower together and tighten the tension screw until it contacts the upper receiver, taking away all slack and movement. And the rear takedown pin is held in place by a set screw, so no more crushed detent springs or lost springs if you change out the end plate. You will need to shorten the detent spring about a quarter inch. You can then adjust the tightness of the detent holding the rear take down pin. These small features make your build easier and nicer, and only are found on upper end receivers, like this one.

The logo is an image of Santa similar to those used in the 1950's and 60's, before our country became so 'politically correct' and they tried to eliminate "Merry Christmas' from out vocabulary. Strike back and celebrate Christmas with a new AR build!

The ELF-15 lower is an RDIAS compatible low shelf type receiver. It can be built into either a rifle or a pistol (following local laws of course) and will mate up with any industry standard upper receiver, either with or without a forward assist.

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