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Gauntlet Arms "Gazelle" 15" Super Lite M-Lok AR-15 Freefloat Handguard

Part Number: ML-15-13424
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Gauntlet Arms
Gauntlet Arms 'Gazelle' 15' Super Lite M-Lok AR-15 Freefloat Handguard
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Gauntlet Arms "Gazelle" 15" Super Lite M-Lok AR-15 Freefloat Handguard

Introducing the Gauntlet Arms 'Gazelle' 15" AR-15 Super Lite M-LOK Freefloat Handguard, a true game-changer in the world of firearm accessories. Gauntlet Arms, a trusted brand synonymous with quality and innovation, presents this exceptional handguard designed to elevate your AR-15 to new heights.

With a length of 15 inches, the 'Gazelle' handguard offers ample space for mounting a wide range of accessories, providing you with the flexibility to customize your AR-15 to suit your specific shooting needs. Whether you're a competitive shooter or a tactical operator, this handguard offers the perfect balance between maneuverability and functionality.

The 'Gazelle' handguard features a Super Lite construction, utilizing high-quality materials that offer exceptional strength without adding unnecessary weight. This lightweight design enhances the overall balance and handling of your AR-15, ensuring optimal performance during extended shooting sessions.

Equipped with the versatile M-LOK system, this handguard allows for easy attachment and adjustment of various accessories such as grips, lights, lasers, and more. The M-LOK system provides a secure and stable mounting platform, ensuring that your accessories stay in place even under rigorous shooting conditions.

The Gauntlet Arms 'Gazelle' 15" AR-15 Super Lite M-LOK Freefloat Handguard boasts a sleek and modern design, adding a touch of style to your firearm. Its ergonomic profile ensures a comfortable grip and enhanced control, allowing for confident and precise shooting.

Designed specifically for the AR-15 platform, this handguard ensures optimal alignment and stability, contributing to improved accuracy and shot-to-shot consistency. It seamlessly integrates with your AR-15, providing a solid foundation for your accessories and enhancing overall shooting performance.

Upgrade your AR-15 with the Gauntlet Arms 'Gazelle' 15" AR-15 Super Lite M-LOK Freefloat Handguard and experience the perfect combination of style, performance, and reliability. Gauntlet Arms' commitment to excellence shines through every aspect of this handguard, making it an essential addition to your firearm.

About this Handguard: This 15" long Gauntlet Arms AR-15 Freefloat Handguard features an M-Lok rail mounting system

Mounting System: M-Lok - The "Gazelle" Handguard is equipped with an M-Lok mounting system for quickly attaching and securing extra accessories and equipment to your build.

Anti Rotation Tabs: The handguard features anti-rotational tabs to prevent the handguard from loosening the barrel nut and retain zero on front sight posts.

Material of Handguard: The Gauntlet Arms AR-15 freefloat handguard is precision CNC machined from a high-quality 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum extrusion. This archives an end result that is solid, strong, and still very lightweight

Type of Top Rail: This Gauntlet Arms Handguard features a Picatinny rail that spans the entirety of the top of the handguard

Finish: To maintain corrosion resistance the "Gazelle" Handguard is treated with a Type 3 hardcoat anodizing.

Includes: Mounting System, Handguard, Barrel Nut.

Brand: Gauntlet Arms
"Gazelle" 15" AR-15 M-Lok Super Lite Freefloat Handguard
Length: 15"
QD Mount: No
Platform: AR-15
Style: Freefloat
Accessory Attachment: M-Lok
Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Color: Black
Finish: Anodized
Anti Rotation Tabs: Yes
Barrel Nut Included: Yes

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