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Luth-AR Tear Drop Forward Assist

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Luth-AR Tear Drop Forward Assist
Luth-AR Tear Drop Forward Assist
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Luth-AR Tear Drop Forward Assist

The Luth-AR Teardrop Forward Assist Assembly for the AR-15 platform is a simple yet incredible upgrade for your firearm. Bringing innovation, ergonomics, and practicality to the table, this tiny upgrade that is so often overlooked will make sure to enhance your firearm experience and take your build to the next level.

Crafted by the renowned brand Luth-AR, this forward assist assembly redefines firearm functionality with its unique teardrop style. This distinctive design isn't just about aesthetics; it's about maximizing ergonomics and ease of use. The teardrop shape introduces a new level of convenience, providing a larger and more accessible surface area for smoother engagement. Whether in a high-pressure tactical situation or leisurely honing your marksmanship skills, the Teardrop Forward Assist guarantees a seamless and efficient operation that translates to increased confidence and precision.

Meticulously engineered to Luth-AR's uncompromising standards, this forward assist assembly showcases the perfect fusion of form and function. Aside from the increased surface area that ensures easier operation, the assembly's robust construction ensures long-lasting durability. By heightening the individual components of your build, your firearm will experience a longer operating life, require less maintenance, and ultimately save you money from having to replace parts. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this accessory seamlessly integrates into your firearm setup, elevating both its aesthetics and its performance.

Installing the Luth-AR Teardrop Forward Assist Assembly is a straightforward process, allowing you to spend less time on modifications and more time perfecting your shooting skills. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a dedicated enthusiast, this accessory adds a touch of sophistication to your firearm, while the teardrop style amplifies usability like never before.

Buy the Luth-AR Teardrop Forward Assist and begin decking out your firearm with only the best from Davidson Defense Store. From enhanced usability to incredible prices to durable components, we here at Delta Team strive to make sure you and your firearm are performing at your best in even the toughest scenarios.


Weight: .25 lbs
Dimensions: 1x2x2 in

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