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Monkey Fist, Black Paracord

Part Number: LL-65274
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Monkey Fist, Black Paracord
Monkey Fist, Black Paracord
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Monkey Fist, Black Paracord

This monkey fist from Panther Trading Company can be used for a variety of essential tasks. One of its main functions is that of self-defense. Inside the fist is a metal ball. This ball along with the paracord wrapped around it can be strong enough to break class, metal, and bones. The paracord that is used to encase the metal ball can also be used in emergency situations where a strong survival rope is needed. The entire monkey fist is easily carried on your everyday keyring.

The monkey fist is a classic knot that is usually formed at the end of a rope. However, this black paracord monkey fist packs more of a punch than the standard knot. This carefully crafted knot is wrapped around a 9.2 oz solid steel ball which is the perfect self defense tool. This monkey fist can effortlessly attach to any keychain and is easy to conceal. The paracord itself is great to have on hand in case you are ever in a survival situation. This monkey fist can do it all and is a great choice for some added security in your life.

Circumference: 6.5"
Weight: 9.2 oz solid steel ball
Length of Paracord: 20'

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