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Recoil Technologies "Patton" Steel Flash Can, 5/8x24, Black Oxide Muzzle Brake

Part Number: MD-5824-36112
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Recoil Technologies
Recoil Technologies 'Patton' Steel Flash Can, 5/8x24, Black Oxide Muzzle Brake
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Recoil Technologies Steel Flash Can, 5/8x24, Black Oxide Muzzle Brake


Finally, a muzzle device that allows you to enjoy shooting larger calibers without worrying about barrel length, shooting indoors, or using for close-quarters self-defense. 

Meet the Recoil Technologies "Patton" Steel Flash Can. Say goodbye to unwanted flash, concussion, and sound – this muzzle brake is your ticket to comfort and enhanced performance in every scenario. Engineered for precision and designed with your needs in mind, the "Patton" Flash Can will easily become your best partner whether you're on the range, in a close self-defense encounter, or just shooting alongside your buddies.

Command Every Shot with Comfort:
Step into a realm of shooting comfort like never before. Redirecting muzzle flash, concussion, and sound forward, the "Patton" Steel Flash Can creates an environment that's remarkably enjoyable for the shooter. Say farewell to the discomfort of excessive blasts and embrace a shooting experience that's second to none.

Indoor Range and Tight Quarters-Friendly:
Shoot and train with confidence at indoor ranges or in tight spaces. Although you'll still need ear protection, the "Patton" Steel Flash Can's forward redirection of blast and sound ensures that you're comfortable and considerate of others sharing the range. Focus on your skills without the distractions of each shot knocking the wind out of you and your friends.

Wide Compatibility Means Hundreds of Options:
Compatible with a huge range of calibers such as .308 Win, 7.62 NATO, 7.62x39, .300 BLK, .243 WIN, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6mm ARC, and armed with a 5/8x24 thread pitch, you'll have no shortage of builds, firearms, and options to customize with the "Patton" flash can. Additionally, flash cans are incredibly useful for builds that have short barrels, builds with slightly longer handguards than the barrel, and high calibers that have excessive muzzle blast.

Built to Withstand, Crafted for Excellence:
Crafted from performance-grade hardened steel and coated in an insanely durable Type III Anodized Black Oxide hard coat, the "Patton" flash can stand as a testament to reliability and durability. Never worry about whether or not your firearm will last, as the type III coating will protect against corrosion and harsh situations. Whether it be the toughest scenarios or even a damp closet, you won't have to question the structural integrity of the "Patton" flash can.

Why Choose the Recoil Technologies "Patton" Steel Flash Can:
The Recoil Technologies "Patton" Steel Flash Can is more than just an accessory – it's a game-changer that sets the stage for precision and comfort. Transform your shooting sessions into a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The "Patton" Flash Can enhances your firearm's performance, adds a unique aesthetic touch, and creates a build that excels in situations where muzzle blast and flash may otherwise inhibit performance. Redefine your firearm's capabilities, enhance your performance, and make every shot count. Equip yourself with the "Patton" Flash Can and experience a new era of shooting comfort.


Brand: Recoil Technologies
Model: Steel Flash Can, 5/8x24, Black Oxide Muzzle Brake
Finish: Anodized
Platform: AR-10
Thread Pitch: 5/8x24
Caliber Compatibility: .308 Win, 7.62 NATO, .300 BLK, 7.62x39, .243 Win, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6mm ARC
Type: Flash Hider, Blast Can
P&W Ready: No
Name: "Patton"

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