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Strike Industries AR-15 T-Bone Charging Handle - Black

Part Number: CH-24539
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Strike Industries AR-15 T-Bone Charging Handle - Black
Strike Industries AR-15 T-Bone Charging Handle - Black
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Strike Industries T-Bone Charging Handle, Black w/ Black Handles, AR-15


As a devoted Strike Industries fan, let me introduce you to the game-changing Strike Industries T-Bone Charging Handle for .223/5.56 AR-15's, a revolutionary marvel in firearm engineering that exemplifies why Strike Industries reigns supreme in the industry.

Innovative Gas Redirect System

What sets the T-Bone apart is its patented gas redirect system, allowing you to precisely configure the gas to exit left, right, or evenly on both sides. This level of customization ensures optimal performance and control tailored to your shooting preferences.

Premium Construction for Peak Performance

Crafted with precision, the T-Bone features a shaft machined from robust 7000 series aluminum, offering unparalleled strength while maintaining a lightweight profile. Complementing this, the T-Bone's latchless handles are crafted from Strike Industries' signature SI PolyFlex polymer, prioritizing comfort and control without compromising on durability.

Modular Design for Versatility

Strike Industries believes in giving shooters options, and the T-Bone reflects this ethos with its modular design. The latchless handles can be effortlessly swapped with optional sizes and styles (coming soon), allowing you to fine-tune your charging handle for the perfect fit and feel.

Exceptional Durability and Minimal Wear

With the T-Bone, say goodbye to excessive wear on your AR upper receiver. The latchless design minimizes wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting reliability and performance even under intense shooting conditions.

Unmatched Included Accessories

In true Strike Industries fashion, the T-Bone comes fully equipped with everything you need for installation, including set screws, hex tools, and of course, the innovative T-Bone Charging Handle itself.

Elevate your AR-15 experience with the Strike Industries T-Bone Charging Handle, where innovation, quality, and versatility converge to redefine excellence in firearm components.


Brand: Strike Industries
Model: T-Bone Charging Handle, Black w/ Black Handles, AR-15
Ambidextrous: No
Latch Style: A2 Style
Color: Black
Finish: Anodized
Platform: AR-15

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