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Vism SPD Solar Power FlipDot W/ KPM Mounting System (Keymod/Picatiny/M-Lok)

Part Number: 4587
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Vism SPD Solar Power FlipDot W/ KPM Mounting System (Keymod/Picatiny/M-Lok)
Vism SPD Solar Power FlipDot W/ KPM Mounting System (Keymod/Picatiny/M-Lok)
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Vism SPD Solar Power FlipDot W/ KPM Mounting System

 (Keymod/Picatiny/M-Lok) Fits All Three 

Red Dot Sights have their origin from aircraft gunsights or 'collimators' where the shooter's reticle is projected on a clear lens/glass pane allowing for easier target acquisition and a clearer sight picture of a target, later adapted for smalls arms rifles, red dots exist to be incredibly sturdy, and reliable open sight picture 'optics'. Red Dot Sights(RDS) allow for faster target acquisition due to their wide-open glass nature and featuring almost unlimited eye relief as the projected reticle is reflected off of the glass and back into the shooter's eye. meaning you can see your point of aim from almost anywhere on a rifle or pistol. The AR-15 platform was adapted for use with these aiming systems back in the late 80s where the carry handle was being sidelined in favor of the distinct Flat-Top / Picatinny rail system.

About this Sight System: This reflex lens can fold flat against the optic body when not in use and the folding lens can be quickly deployed with the press of the ambidextrous side levers. The Solar cells are mounted on top of the reflex sight and will power the red dot whenever there is sufficient sun light on the solar cells. The red dot automatically turns on, when there is sufficient sun light.

The SPD FlipDot can also be powered by the onboard CR2032 battery. The battery should be used when there isn't enough sun light, when using the optics indoors, or when using the optic at night. A red LED indicator on top of the optic by the solar cells will turn on when the red dot is powered by the battery.

The FlipDot features side mounted + button to turn on the red dot under battery power mode. You can adjust the brightness level up or down when powered by the battery, via the side + & - buttons.

Magnification: This is a Non-Magnified Gunsight and has a true 1x sight picture.

Illumination: The Flip-Sight can utilize both a red and green dot.

Reticle Type: The VISM FlipDot utilizes a standard red dot reflex display for accurate sighting and shooting.

Battery Type: The flip-sight is powered by an onboard CR2032 battery

Eye Relief: Due to the nature of reflex sights, there is nearly unlimited eye-relief with this style of optic.

Solar Recharging: This optic has a solar recharging capability to extend battery life.

Dimensions: 3.50" X 2.50" X 2.20"
Weight: 6.50 oz.
Battery: CR2032
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum
Dot Size: 3 MOA
Lens Size: 25mm x 32mm
Red dot has 5 level brightness settings

Brand: VISM
Optic Type: Red Dot
Model: SPD Solar Power FlipDot
Magnification: 1x
Illumination: Yes
Illumination Color: Red
*Solar Recharging: Yes
Battery Type: CR2032
Lens Diameter: 32mm
Reticle: 3 MOA Dot
Turrets: Capped

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